It seems like every other day I run into an adult who says that they used to play the piano, but they don’t anymore. They say they wish they hadn’t quit and they seem a little sad about it. I always try to reassure them that its not too late,Read More →

Chapter 2- Getting Hit Whilst  Turning Into Your Driveway  That Summer of 2015 was one we will never forget. At the end of July, our younger son was rear-ended. He was waiting to turn off the highway into our driveway. He was slammed into by a distracted driver pulling aRead More →

Chapter 1  Senior Year Setback Today was my weigh-in for my  health and wellness program I restarted. I texted my weight to my health coach. Hallelujah, I had five pounds less to report. About 5 years ago, I was struggling with my weight, and went on this awesome program, TakeRead More →