I Donut Know What I was Thinking… So…the catastrophe.  This is Part 2 to my Donut piano practice incentive contest. It was already not a winning idea on my part.  Each piano class group  were working hard to earn that donut party. They all wanted to win. They didn ‘tRead More →

How can a piano practice contest fail when donuts are involved? Last Fall I decided my students needed a practice incentive. My goal was to get all my students practicing consistently. I wanted to keep my classes learning together as a cohort. I wanted them to move through their methodRead More →

I Want to Play Piano Just Like Mommy! When I was in the third grade I thought it would be really cool to play the piano. My mother played and I loved listening to her.  I wanted to be able to make beautiful music just like her. I started messingRead More →

Extra Music Practice Hours Don’t Equate to Perfection How does the phrase “Practice makes perfect,” make you feel? Does it make you wince? It does me. Music practice doesn’t make perfect. How about the modified,  “Practice makes better?” Personally, I can live under the second phrase. Practice makes better. TheRead More →