Teaching Piano Classes Rocks! This week so many stellar moments happened in the piano classes. Thanksgiving was last week, and I don’t want to leave this month without remembering how appreciative my soul feels. I pinch myself every day that my livelihood is making music with other humans. I wantRead More →

Which is better Fixed Do or Moveable? Today’s Musical Mocha is highly controversial amongst voice teachers.  More than once I have read in FB groups about how “evil” this thing can be. This does sound dramatic. But voice teachers- you know we have a collectively earned reputation for exaggerating aRead More →

Christmas Recital Countdown Has Begun It’s November 14. It’s a Wednesday, and the work week is half over. Next week is Thanksgiving and the Christmas Recital on December 15th is right around the bend. The Christmas Recital Countdown is on at Tucksedo Studio. The holiday rush is starting to reallyRead More →