Giving our Time to Serving Our Local Church in Music As Christian musicians, it makes sense to share our giftings with our church community in service to our local congregation. But how many hours of our life should we actually give in service? Psalm 33:3 says,“Sing to him a newRead More →

Cold and Flu Season=Germs Everywhere! Cold and Flu season can be a challenge in the music studio where we sing, (literally sending out our germs into the air), and playing the piano (touching the keys.) With many people coming in and out of the studio each week, it’s tricky toRead More →

Extra Music Practice Hours Don’t Equate to Perfection How does the phrase “Practice makes perfect,” make you feel? Does it make you wince? It does me. Music practice doesn’t make perfect. How about the modified,  “Practice makes better?” Personally, I can live under the second phrase. Practice makes better. TheRead More →