To keep your music program going strong,  student retention is powerful. There are three basic reasons why retention matters.  1.) Retention brings Financial Stability to the Music Studio In the independent music studio,  our income is dependent on recurring students. The ability to keep students for the long -term holdsRead More →

Adding Online Lessons to our Studio Offerings-Could Online Music Lessons Be As Good? People have been successfully teaching online music lessons for years now. It sounded  slightly interesting to me for someone else. I liked having my students in the same room with me. Teaching through a remote camera soundedRead More →

Christmas Recital Countdown Has Begun It’s November 14. It’s a Wednesday, and the work week is half over. Next week is Thanksgiving and the Christmas Recital on December 15th is right around the bend. The Christmas Recital Countdown is on at Tucksedo Studio. The holiday rush is starting to reallyRead More →