Mind your own musical business!

This article is a follow-up to Say Goodbye to Makeup Lessons Forever. It does make an assumption that you have kissed makeup lessons goodbye.  So assuming that is the case here is your next cup of love…

Remember when you used to chase the White Rabbit in Makeup Land? Wow, it sure has felt nice not to be running so much, hasn’t it?! Isn’t it nice having a day off on your day off? Didn’t it feel good to say goodbye to makeup lessons forever? It’s good to be queen.

Now that you are feeling more rested, let’s talk about giving great customer care. Here’s how you can give your student’s customer care instead of makeup lessons.

Everyone has signed your studio policy that you do not offer makeup lessons under any circumstances, correct? Now that the understanding is firm, anything you do further for your students is a free gift. Customer service is now yours to offer as a bonus.

When your families call, email or text you in advance of missed lessons, you  have a chance to bless them. You can offer any available time slots in your normal teaching hours that may come available. You get to offer them a free service, and it doesn’t cost you anything.

For instance, Family A tells you that they are going out of town next week. Their time slot is now available. Family B texts you the morning of their lesson. They are bummed, because they forgot that they have parent teacher conferences right in the middle of their child’s lesson this afternoon. You tell them you will look at your teaching schedule. Aha! Family A is out of town. You can offer their time slot to Family B. If that works, wonderful! If not, sorry, you will text or email them the missed lesson.

You still get paid no matter what. Family A is ok with this arrangement because they respect your time.   They don’t care what you do when they aren’t there. They can’t make it to that weeks lesson anyway.  They also know that at some point it will come back full circle their way.  At some point they will be offered a free time slot gift. Family B is fine because they also respect your time and income. Everyone did the best they could to make it happen. You offered Family B a free time slot gift that they weren’t expecting. They know you don’t give makeup lessons. That was a nice favor you offered them. No one has fallen down a rabbit hole. Everyone knows what to expect.

They can accept the free time slot gift you offer or not. If you don’t have one that works this time, it’s ok. We will all see each other next week at our regular time. You have also made sure to do your part in texting or emailing them the missed lesson. That was another bonus gift in client care. You can rest assured that your student will not become stagnant. They have the missed lesson in a text or email. You have more than done your part with follow-up care.

Everyone is still growing. Everyone remains happy. Everyone is working at making music study a consistent part of their life. You remain a peaceful happy teacher that has a dependable income. Sleep well tonight teacher, you are generous. You are doing a great job caring for your families!