Keyboard Geography it’s a Thing

Today I am going to show you a very easy and fast game to play that helps students to remember their piano key names. I call it Mini-Move. This game attracts student focus because it incorporates tiny holiday or seasonal props. Kids of all ages, even teens absolutely love this game. Yes, even adults. Everyone loves miniatures and holidays, yay! This is a great way to sleuth assess your student’s keyboard geography skills without them even knowing.

Magnet Focus

Raise your hand, if getting 5 concentrated minutes of focus from certain fidgety youngsters is important! Teacher Ease, Class Time Considerate, & Thrifty: It takes less than  3 seconds of your class time to set up, and only 5 minutes to play!! It costs a dollar to buy! Whoot Whoot!!

What You Need: For Valentine’s Day I use little red hearts I found at the Dollar Store. For Easter, I use little jellybean erasers. For Christmas, I use little Santa erasers. I have also used ladybug erasers. You could use conversation hearts. Have fun with this!


To Play: Highlight your choice of groups of two black keys groups or three black keys groups and their corresponding white keys. (Or both.)

Set-Up Your Minis. For three black key groups you start with just two minis. For Three Black key groups you start with just three. (You can one if you want later.)

Start Playing: Student(s) say key names aloud as you point to each one. (If you are just highlighting CDE for beginners  you only need two minis.) Example: “CD” (Move mini) “CE” (Move mini) “DE”, ect.

If the student(s) gets it wrong, you recite it correctly to them, they recite it back correctly, and then move one mini to the next key you want to highlight quickly. As the students gain the confidence you can increase the tempo of the game!

 Make sure to revisit any wrong answers a few times in different combinations.  For students that need to refresh all their key names, you can use three or four minis and mix it up all over the keyboard.  That’s it. It’s so simple, but it is effective and engaging!  So Cute!!