Spring Break is next week which means I will need to take advantage of the studio being closed for 5 consecutive days.  Its time to spruce things up around here. I also have to work on my taxes. (Thanks Uncle Sam). So, I’m already going into this doubtful that I will get to everything on my list. Because-taxes, la sigh.. Still, It’s Spring Break so I will remember to whistle while I work.

Short List

  • All Entryways need cleaned.
  • Front Entryway needs to be rid of coats/lost & founds and and rid of winter coats/scarves, ect.
  • Flower pots needed.
  • Back wall in my studio needs to be rid of its ugly red.
  • All the rooms need deep-cleaned.
  • Anything extra & not currently serving us out.
  • Front bathroom needs painted-purple gone. (Yes, it’s purple.)
  • Flower beds weeded/raked.
  • Back yard cleaned up from the puppy damage.
  • Update studio website.

Really, I  could go on and on with projects in our fixer upper that needs fixing upper. But this is the short list, and I already went overboard about painting the bathroom.

Wish me luck and many happy returns! What are you doing for Spring Break? Please don’t sing April in Paris to me.  I’ll just cry!