The Dynamic Resource Room

Today’s Coffee talk for Children’ Ministry Leaders is all about the importance of the Resource Room. This is the busy bee Maker Space in your Children’s Ministry hive buzzing with energy and excitement. Do you have one? Do you and your team like to hang out there?

Let’s take a moment to ask ourselves some questions that will help cast our team vision and the implementation of those dreams…

Team Building

Do you want your team workers to feel valued? Do you want them to be joyfully self-directed with ownership of their tasks from week to week? Do you want them to be able to connect with each other on projects? Do you want them to know where everything is and be well-stocked?  Would you like to bring synergy and truly sustainable friendships to your team? With so many of us working remotely, we often long for a gathering place to share and develop our ideas in-person. We miss that human connection that is the benefit of being in a local community. This space will help you, their leader have a  pulse on what is truly going on in the lives of your workers and how they need support.

Why Would Your Team Need Their Own Space?

Why would your team need their own Maker Space, anyway? Can’t they put projects together at-home? The truth is, team members can certainly put projects together at-home. Some team members may even prefer that. However, giving them a dedicated space means that all of the supplies are already there. They don’t have to use their own supplies or go digging around the children’s ministry to try to find what they need this week. It means that they can work together without feeling like they have to clean their house first. It provides them access to you during office hours when they won’t feel like they are infringing on your time.

I hear you say, “couldn’t they use a classroom?” There are tables in there.  Have you ever tried to work at a children’s table? It is child-sized.  It’s not a comfortable workspace for adults. It doesn’t foster community building amongst the team. It most likely doesn’t have everything in the room that the workers will need. It certainly doesn’t have coffee or tea. Hunting and gathering supplies is wasted time and energy. Adults need their own work hub, where they can meet and get right to work together. The seating needs to be adult-sized.

Director’s Sanity

What about you dear Children’s Ministry Leader? Have you ever come into a classroom or your office and found random donations that you have no idea what to do with? Are you shocked by the amount of clutter that is constantly piling up in spite of your efforts to stop it? Are you running to the store at the last minute, scrambling to find more pipe cleaners or glue? Do you even know where the pipe cleaners and glue are? What about vital relationships- do you see your workers during the week?

Are you worried that they are about to hit burn-out and quit?

If you want a healthy team that feels cherished, with love, and cares for each other- give them a Resource Room. Allow them access to their Maker Space during the week. Be available to them by having office hours just for them. Set time to be available to them in the Resource Room to work on projects together, have lunch with, pray with, strategize with.

This is their place where there are no kids allowed. (You might have to provide a babysitter in an adjacent classroom during designated office hours.) Make this space a priority for your team and watch them become excited about their place in it.

The Resource Room is designed with your worker’s needs in mind.

It is a Designated Room to:

  • Prep Lessons
  • Have Adult Snacks and Conversation
  • Pray for Each Other’s Needs
  • Organized, Well-Stocked Ministry- Free of Clutter
  • A Creative Maker Space
  • Communication Center for your team
  • A place your team feels welcomed and valued
  • Kid-Free Zone to decompress

Happy Workers Stay on Your Team

Happy workers know that they are making a difference and that their presence matters.  They will stick like glue to your team. They will stay for months and then years, and build meaningful relationships with the kids in the ministry. They will become dear friends to each other through thick- and thin. They form a vibrant community.

When you provide for the felt needs of your team, you stop the revolving door of workers. These higher-quality team members, want to be involved. These workers feel empowered and cherished. They know that you have their backs, and in turn, they have each other’s backs.

They will willingly give of their time and resources and not out of guilt and obligation. They will look forward to serving the needs of the ministry and will often prioritize their vacations around the special events of the ministry. They won’t leave you hanging high and dry when they are sick. They will often arrange their own substitutes because they know the team members. They know each other’s schedules, and who would be perfect to fill in. These team members are a dream to work with.

Who doesn’t want happy workers that are a dream to be on a team with?

Imagine what synergy could happen if your team felt loved and cherished? How could this make your team more impactful? How could it simplify your life and theirs? You and your team get to have ownership over the ministry and be adequately prepared. No longer will you have to deal with where to put random toy donations or all the lost and founds. You will have a system in place for that.

Get started this week building them their Maker Space. This is a great project for your team to set-up together and builds excitement. Give them a designated Resource Room, your available office hours, and watch your team grow and flourish.