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Hello- I’m Jennifer Tuck. Welcome to my musical inspiration cafe for passionate music teachers. This is the place for inspiration that transforms your teaching from mediocre to amazing.

I am a Singer/Pianist, Composer,  and an independent music studio owner & instructor.  After 25 years of teaching, I  have plenty to share about operating  an independent music studio. 

As musicians and educators, what we do is so important.We are shaping lives with the beauty of the arts! We have passion, but we still need assistance.

We need songs and materials that present concepts clearly. These resources need to be quick and affordable. Our time is limited, and we need quality materials that work with our unique teaching styles.  All of the songs and resources that I written, have these needs in mind. 

 My husband Terre and I currently own an independent music studio, Tucksedo Studio in our home, near Boise, Idaho.  I teach piano and voice, and he teaches guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, & garage band.  We currently nurture around 75 students.  We teach both private and group lessons.

Learn how to create a musical life that honors your teaching passion and your creative soul at Musical Mocha. Cheers!

Musical Materials are Coming Soon!

For Christian children’s music and drama directors:

I have written and directed kids Christmas musicals.  These can be used in churches of any size. They include every kid, and they require minimal rehearsals, and won’t break your budget.

I also have written kids worship songs that are simple, and that kids love to sing.

For Voice Instructors:

I will be releasing new art songs. These songs will surely challenge and motivate your advancing female teen singers. These songs are both fun and interesting to sing.

For Piano & Voice Instructors:

For those that want to teach their young students to both play and sing the piano- I have developed a curriculum for just that. My Play and Sing method will bring confidence to your female tweens and teens. And bonus- they’ll find it fun!

It’s all been in the works for quite some time, and I can’t wait to share it with you! Subscribe to my email list, and I will send you musical freebies from time to time!  With no icky spamming ever!


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