Let’s talk music shop! I’m Jennifer Tuck, a music teacher, independent studio owner, wife, and mother.

Does your music studio needs some fresh ideas? Would you like some easy and fun game ideas that are free and that you can implement quickly?  Do you need to get tougher on your policies so that you get paid in a timely fashion without running yourself ragged with make-up lessons? Here at Musical Mocha, I have some tried and true solutions- and I will serve it to you with a cup of courage. Music matters, and what we do is so important. We are changing lives with music!


 My husband Terre and I own an independent music studio in our home, near Boise, Idaho.  I teach piano and voice, and he teaches guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, & garage band.  We currently nurture around 75 students. Every weekday afternoon, there is a flurry of excitement as the students arrive, and new and old music is being learned and happening at Tucksedo Studio.  

We are now  into our third year of switching from mostly private lessons to mainly groups. I’ll tell you why we did the Big Switch, and why its the best thing we have ever done for our studio.  I will share easy and effective music teaching games, songs, and music curriculum reviews. I’ll sprinkle in some all necessary tough love studio management.

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