Jennifer Tuck, Author

Hello, I’m Jennifer Tuck, welcome to my blog where I share music teaching strategies with open hands and an open heart! This is the place for studio solutions that sing!

I am passionate about teaching music and sharing the power of the arts.

I’m an independent music studio owner, pianist, vocalist, and composer. After two and a half decades of teaching, it has been on my heart to share some of what I have learned. Here it is- I hope it’s helpful!

What’s Different About Musical Mocha?

Musical Mocha addresses the reality that the teaching musician has many facets to their life. We are musicians that are gigging or getting ready for the gig. We are teachers writing lessons plans or teaching in the classroom or private studio setting or both. We volunteer in our church or community. We have families. We have social commitments. We have to practice and keep a home. We have to be professional and maintain authentic relationships. We have to make a living that pays the bills. All of these things we learn by doing (hopefully not the school of hard knocks) and from gleaning from others. I hope I can inspire you a little here with the things I have learned and am still learning daily.

At the top menu you will find articles about being a musician including wellness issues at Musician Life.

Love being the Boss! Studio Management includes pro tips on running a successful independent music studio. Own your own business teaching what you love!

For Piano Teachers: Piano Pedagogy  is all about teaching piano including games, and bonus information on how to teach group piano. I love the piano-it’s an amazing instrument and powerful tool.

Singing Essentials is the place for teaching voice and vocal tips. I was a Voice major in college, and so this section is near and dear to my heart.

Many of us music teachers also work or volunteer in Christian music ministry.  I have been serving in this arena since I was a teen. I sang my first solo in church when I was a wee 12 years old. As an adult, I have served on many church worship teams, and worked as a children’s ministry leader.  I have a place for music ministry insights at Music Ministry.

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